Nicholas Petrie Video Interview

Jon sat down with Nicholas Petrie to talk about his debut thriller THE DRIFTER which drops on January 12th. It’s a great book and we think you will all love it.  

Nicholas Petrie: Five Books That Changed My Life

A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT AND OTHER STORIES, by Norman Maclean. I read this collection many years before the Robert Redford made his film, which I’ve never seen – I’m afraid it will spoil these three gorgeous, funny and sad stories about growing up in Montana in the first half of the last century. ALL THE PRETTY HORSES, by Cormac McCarthy – a cowboy novel, turned up to 11. The language (and lack of punctuation) requires your full attention, but the story is pure story, and utterly beautiful. This book is what made me understand that there is no such thing as genre fiction. This novel, along with The Crossing and Cities of the Plain make up...