Nicholas Petrie Video Interview

Jon sat down with Nicholas Petrie to talk about his debut thriller THE DRIFTER which drops on January 12th. It’s a great book and we think you will all love it.  

THE PROMISE by Robert Crais Reviewed

THE PROMISE Robert Crais G.P. Putnam November 10th, 2015 THE PROMISE by Robert Crais is a thrilling mystery. Fans will enjoy the pairing of the well-written characters he has brought to the page including Elvis Cole, Joe Pike, Scott James, Maggie the German Shepherd, and Jon Stone. The story line is realistic and action packed, making for an enjoyable novel. The author stated, “I saw potential for all three to come together as a group, although Elvis is the featured character. I consider myself their daddy and its all a big playground for me. I wanted to find a really good believable reason for them to cross paths and did not want it to...

Steve Hamilton leaves St. Martins for Putnam Aug07

Steve Hamilton leaves St. Martins for Putnam

For Steve Hamilton and St. Martins, the divorce was a tad messy. After 12 books and 17 years. Award-winning author Steve Hamilton recently parted ways with St. Martins Press. News first came when SMP announced that it was parting ways with Steve. But that was not the end of it, Steve went public and cited a lack of support from his longtime publisher and said it was he that initiated the split. THE SECOND LIFE OF NICK MASON was to be Steve’s next book and was to come out next month. Authors and publishers breaking up is not unusual, but to do so less than two months before the release of a new series is unheard of. Now, just days...

THE REDEEMERS by Ace Atkins Reviewed

THE REDEEMERS Ace Atkins July 21st, 2015 P. Putnam   THE REDEEMERS (the fifth in the Quinn Colson series) by Ace Atkins highlights Quinn Colson, a former Army Ranger who has returned to his Mississippi hometown to become sheriff.  Action seekers should understand that this series is more than a crime novel.  It is also about the culture of the Deep South and the importance of family within that culture. Atkins intentionally chose Quinn to be an Army Ranger, because of “their backgrounds.  I grew up in a town not far from Fort Benning, Georgia, which is where I developed my long admiration for the Rangers and how tough they are.  I knew that...

Alex Grecian’s THE HARVEST MAN

From the Buzz Bin Another chapter in the ongoing tales of The Scotland Yard Murder Squad from Alex Grecian, HARVEST MAN (Putnam) is another great book from this new master of historical mysteries. The team is in disarray as DI Day is out with an injury and Hammersmith has been released from the force. This makes it a bit hard for them to chase a new serial killer who is proving to be relentless. And Hammersmith might be onto a case that proves the Ripper is back. Grecian builds suspense like a mast architect designing a skyscraper leaving no detail out. One of our favorites of the year so far.