Bryan’s Summer Reading List Aug15

Bryan’s Summer Reading List

With my first semester of Masters English studies looming in the near future, it is time to put novels back on the shelf and turn my attention back to Shakespeare and Dante for a while. There is never enough time to read everything, as every book lover knows, whether bound by other studies or not. However, before I return to essays and literary critique, I wanted to highlight some of the amazing books I read in between semesters. • SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE and CATS CRADLE by Kurt Vonnegut I had never read a Vonnegut novel before and thought it was past time to add him to my reading repertoire. After reading these books, it is easy to see why he...

DARK MATTER by Blake Crouch Jul25

DARK MATTER by Blake Crouch

You would be misinformed if I claimed to be an unbiased reader in reviewing Blake Crouch’s DARK MATTER but I am a forever reader and for ABANDON was a first reader. So if nothing else, I know this man’s word play, meter and voice. Only I don’t. But I do. I circled around DARK MATTER for a couple of months. Daniel of Boswell Books in Milwaukee proclaimed it “book of the year.” And so I went home and did my second dusk to dawn reading of the year. Imagine a mystery? Imagine that mystery taking place in multiple time lines with infinite conclusions? Imagine reading a story and being absolutely certain you know who...

Greg Rucka Runs with Walk

Greg Rucka Runs with Walk

From the author of Critical Space comes the April 28th release of Walking Dead. Crimespree and Author Greg Rucka sat down for a chat on April Fool’s day to celebrate the release and catch up.Crimespree: Thanks for one of our favorite reads of this springGreg: You’re welcomeC:And I appreciate the fact that you gave Alena and Kodiak at least three paragraphs of everyday existence before the shit hit the fan,G.R: well you want to engage the reader; the happily ever after stuff is what fan fic is for:Walking Dead opens with trouble not at the homestead but next store at the neighbors. Three are dead but it is the teenage girl, Tiasa, left alive...