Two hours ago the binder taped up the last box and loaded into the back of a truck, twenty minutes ago the boxes were dropped off here, and now we have issue 35 in our crime-stained hands. Once packed up for the mailing service they should see the post office by Friday and then off into the world to make it on there own. Issue 35 has a great cover story with CARA Black, one of our all time favorite ladies of mystery who has just published novel #10! Here’s the rundown on contents:FROM THE EDITOR BY RUTH JORDAN VIEWER MAIL (NEW) -NEWS BITS THE HOT TICKET BY TONY PERONA WHEN THE POLICE ARE GANGSTERS BY PAT BROWNFOOTPRINTS: AGATHA...

Peter and Max – Novel from Vertigo Oct06

Peter and Max – Novel from Vertigo

PETER & MAX Bill Willingham 2009 Vertigo Books PETER & MAX is, as the cover proclaims, a FABLES novel. Do you know Fables, the Eisner award winning set of graphic novels from Vertigo? No? Doesn’t matter except to say you may want to set aside some reading time for them after you finish this book. Willingham has created a universe where “Fables”, those characters we all love from our childhood storybooks exist, having come to our world seeking refuge from their own lands. They have gathered together here on planet earth absolving one another from all past transgressions as they battle against a common enemy. In the comic version our...

VERTIGO CRIME – The Debut Aug20


They’re Here!!! Keeping secrets in this house is never easy and when we first heard of Will Dennis’s concept for a format that would marry some of today’s best Comic creators and Mystery writers we were excited beyond belief at Crimespree. And yes, we’ve been beating the drum for a long time… But now finally, tonight, in New York City, the line is launched and Vertigo Crime is a reality. Two books were heralded in today, Filthy Rich by Brian Azzarello & Dark Entries by Ian Rankin. For our crime fans, the name Rankin means police procedural. For comic fans, you’d be hard pressed to find a writer you’re more familiar with than Mr....