Take a look at Dave’s daughter from In the Electric Mist

This is from James Lee Burke’s website:
Here’s a snapshot from the first meeting of our Alafair and Tripod. When she met director Bertrand Tavernier, Alana Locke was asked why she wanted to be in this movie and won our hearts by stating simply, “I think it would be fun to play with the raccoon.” And Annie won the role of Tripod, despite the “handicap” of having all 4 of her legs. It seems some of those three-legged coons are kind of bitter about their loss and not nearly so cuddly for a young actress as is sweet Annie. In our version of the back story, Tripod had a serious injury to one of her legs when she was first rescued by a younger Alafair and now, thanks to all those years of loving care…has barely a limp.

The comments are from Associate Producer Deborah Dobson Bach.

Alafar Robicheaux is Dave’s adopted daughter. Dave rescued her from a crashed plane in Heaven’s Prisoners.