Take a look at Iain Glen as Jack Taylor.

The wonderful folks at Magma have been kind enough to share some images from the upcoming THE GUARDS series.

We at CC have been following this from the start, having reported the initial pick of former WIRE star Dominic West and on to the eventual signing of Iain Glenn to play Ken Bruen’s character Jack Taylor. If all goes well, each of the Jack Taylor books will be filmed.

The creative forces behind this seem committed to capturing the magic of the world of Ken Bruen and the essence of the characters. Ken has repeatedly expressed his happiness over the project and his enthusiasm has me convinced we are in for some damn good television!

IT‘s almost impossible to be thrown out of the Guards, the Irish police force. Unless you become a public disgrace, they’ll tolerate almost anything.

Jack Taylor really puts his mind to it and punches a government minister in the face. For greed, hypocrisy and corruption. The only values of the “new” Ireland.


-an ex-cop

-a drinker

-a loner

-a philosopher


-a quick temper

-a wicked wit

-a way with words

-a hatred of authority

…in all, quintessentially Irish.

Jack is ruggedly good-looking, on the wrong side of forty, and has become a finder. He takes on the cases The Guards won’t touch, no matter now hopeless. He’s pig stubborn. He defends the lost and the broken. He’s good because he looks where no one else looks, talks to the people no one else talks to. Moreover, he knows every back street in his hometown, Galway, knows the seed and breed of everyone in it. But small towns have big memories, and like Jack they are quick to anger and slow to forgive.

When the beautiful Anne Henderson comes into his local pub and asks him to find her missing daughter, Jack uncovers the seedy underbelly of Galway’s middle-class. Four other girls’ bodies turn up in the river. Jack’s paratrooper friend Sutton washes up in Galway too, luring Jack to the dark side. He’s a loose cannon with a new identity and a secret past.

When Jack’s surrogate father and barman dies under mysterious circumstances, everything he believes in begins to unravel, making Jack question even those closest to him.

JACK TAYLOR is an Irish ex-cop, a finder with a sharp tongue and a soft heart.

Iain Glen plays the ex-copper and Ken was not joking when he said that he “looked looks completely fooked and 20 years older.”

Much like we have with JUSTIFIED AND TREME, CC will be bringing you more images along with names and descriptions in the near future.

In the mean time, check out the official web site!