Taylor Stevens tour dates for THE DOLL

June 4th sees the release of THE DOLL, the latest by Taylor Stevens.

Kidnapped by an unseen opponent, Vanessa Michael Munroe is thrust into an underground world where women and girls are merchandise and a shadowy figure known as the Doll Maker controls her every move. While trusted friends race to find her and unravel why she’s been taken, everything pivots on one simple choice: Munroe must use her unique set of skills to deliver a high-profile young woman into the same nightmare that she once endured, or condemn to torture and certain death the one person she loves above all else.

Driven by the violence that has made her what she is, cut off from help, and with attempts to escape predicted and prevented, Munroe will hunt for openings, for solutions, and a way to strike back at the man manipulating her from afar. Because only one thing is certain: she cannot save them all.

As is the case with most authors, Taylor will be hitting the road to promote it. Check out this list and see if she will be in your neck of the woods.

06/04/13:   Talk, Q&A, Signing       Barnes & Noble

7:00pm event     Stonebriar Center Mall    Frisco, TX 75034

06/05/13: Once Upon A Crime–Conversation & Signing ,7pm – Minneapolis/St. Paul

06/06/13: Poisoned Pen – Scottsdale, AZ–Conversation & Signing, 7pm-  Phoenix

06/10/13: Murder by the Book – Houston, TX–Conversation & Signing,  6:30- Houston

06/12/13: Book People – Austin, TX–Conversation with Jon Steele &
Signing, 7pm- Austin

06/13/13: Dallas Public Library–Conversation & Signing,  7pm-  Dallas/Fort Worth

06/18/13: Strongsville Library–Discussion & Signing; Talk/Q&A/Signing
(coordinated via Cuyahoga Library), 7pm – Cleveland
contact: Laurie Kincer, cell# 216-749-9309
Bookseller: Mac’s Backs Paperbacks

06/19/13: Mystery Lovers Bookshop–Talk & Signing,  7pm – Pittsburgh