Renewals for FRINGE, JUSTIFED and Greenlighting of PERCEPTION


When Fox moved Fringe to Fridays, many thought it was the beginning of the end. Truth is that it may well have saved the show. Despite weak numbers, the network is happy enough with the show’s Friday performance to order a fourth season.

As we have mentioned here before, Fringe is a damn good show. It has, in my opinion, lagged a bit this season, but still remains one of the best shows on television.

This should come as a shock to no one: FX has ordered a third season. Not only has the show delivered good numbers, just behind the cabler’s flagship Sons Of Anarchy, but it has also been the subject of considerable praise.

The entire cast has done well, but Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan Givens and Walter Goggins’ Boyd Crowder are two of the best characters on television today.

TNT has ordered a ten episode first season of Perception.

The series stars Eric McCormack (WILL AND GRACE) as Dr. Geoffrey Pierce (McCormack), a neuroscienist that described as having an intimate knowledge of human behavior and a masterful understanding of the mind  as well as  an odd and imaginative view of the world. He also apparently is goofy as can be and will certainly cause much frustration for the Feds.

Rachael Leigh Cook (SHE’S ALL THAT, LAS VEGAS) also stars as Kate Rossi, Pierce’s former student and the person responsible for recruiting him to work for the government. My guess is that she will not only play straight person for Peirce, but also be responsible for keeping him in line.