Television Stuff: Treme, Fairly Legal Renewed, Many Network Shows Cancelled

Well, it has been a fairly newsworthy week in terms of television dramas.

EW  is reporting that HBO has ordered a third season of David Simon’s TREME. The show’s audience is somewhat limited, but David Simon has an excellent relationship with HBO and the show is seen as one that has passionate viewers. I have enjoyed season two more than the first and look forward to seeing what Simon and co have in store for the folks of New Orleans.

THE CHICAGO CODE, LIE TO ME, HUMAN TARGET,  DETROIT 1-8-7, LAW & ORDER: L.A. and V all canceled. I can’t speak too much about Human Target, V or L&O: L.A., but the others do not shock me. I thought season two of Lie To Me was good, but the first part of season three was bad enough that I stopped watching it. It is sad that Shawn Ryan left to do The Chicago Code, but both shows bit the dust. I liked TCC somewhat, but it never felt like it found it’s groove. Detroit 1-8-7 is the kind of show that could survive on cable, but network television requires too large an audience for a show like this.

WONDER WOMAN not ordered: Is anyone surprised that WW did not get ordered? I know many comic book fans wanted to see this make it, but I just did not see enough appeal for a show like this to make it on a broadcast network.

PRIME SUSPECT remake greenlit: I am VERY skeptical about this one. I like Maria Bello, but a big part of what make PS so engaging was the fact that Jane Tennison was stepping into what was seen as a man’s role. That tension played a big part in the show. While I am not going to say that men and women share total equality in the police force, the thought of a woman heading things up is not novel and fresh.

FAIRLY LEGAL renewed, but with promises of creative changes. I would guess that means anyone not named Sarah Shahi should be very concerned about future paychecks. The show grew on me, but I still think it is the weakest of USA’s Characters Welcome” format.