Ten reasons to buy the latest books by Sean Chercover, Sean Doolittle and Tom Schreck

Today sees the release of THE TRINITY GAME by Sean Chercover, LAKE COUNTRY by Sean Doolittle and GETTING DUNN by Tom Schreck. Here’s ten reasons to go and pick them up.


Reason one – If these three guys sell enough books they can finally pool their money and start their own Nascar team.


Reason Two – Buying books helps stimulate the economy and buy picking these up you make the economy stronger.


Reason three – If you get all three books Sean Sean and Tom will come over and do your yardwork for a year . (This is possibly a lie that I am making up)

 Reason four – All the cool kids are reading these books, and while peer pressure is usually a silly thing in this case it really will make you cool.


Reason five – After reading all three of these books you will have a dream which will give you the answers to inner peace.


Reason six – Sean Sean and Tom tend to buy drinks for everyone when they are happy, if they sell a lot of books they will be happy, thus, buy their books and get free drinks.


Reason seven – If Sean Sean and Tom sell a lot of books they won’t have to go with their plan b which is breaking into the federal reserve and pulling the biggest heist of all time ala’ Die Hard. Keep Sean Sean and Tom out of jail simply by buying their books.


Reason eight – If they sell enough books they will open a real life Jurassic Park, and dinosaurs are cool!


Reason nine – If book sales reach a high enough number Sean Sean and Tom have promised to wear dresses to Bouchercon this year. They all have nice legs and this would be a treat for everyone.


Reason ten – The only reason that really matters, these are three great books and you will love reading them. Each of these guys gets better and better with each book. Find out for yourself and get THE TRINITY GAME by Sean Chercover, LAKE COUNTRY by Sean Doolittle and GETTING DUNN  by Tom Schreck.