Teran’s Bullet seeing some movement.

Boston Teran’s God is a Bullet has a new lease on life, cinematically speaking.

Ehren Kruger is adapting the gritty novel.

“The feral wasteland of the southern California desert and the badlands of Mexico: these are the settings for Boston Teran’s searing debut novel–a dark, wrenching thriller about personal conviction, retribution, and survival.

Fall 1970. In a remote playa a twelve-year-old boy stumbles upon a hideous scene in a dust-strewn trailer: the savage murder of a woman that will remain unsolved for twenty-five years.

Christmas week, 1995. A fourteen-year-old girl is kidnapped by a bloodthirsty satanic cult that calls itself the Left-Handed Path. The leader, Cyrus, considers murder the “ultimate freedom, ultimate joy . . . ultimate service.” His “tribe” is a group of drug-fueled young psychopaths honing their skills under the tutelage of a master. Helter Skelter. And then some.

Bob Hightower, the girl’s father, is a cop, suddenly more desperate than he ever imagined possible. There are no clues to his daughter’s whereabouts, only a scene of unfathomable carnage–the mutilated corpses of her mother and stepfather–left behind by the kidnappers. His only hope is a fierce ex-cult member named Case Hardin, a woman tempered to an extraordinary strength by what she’s endured, who’s just getting off the junkie trail in a halfway house in Hollywood. Bob has absolutely no reason, and every need, to trust her.

Case suspects that the killings, committed within fifty miles of each other and separated by a quarter of a century, are part of a byzantine nightmare she knows too well, a nightmare that has now engulfed Bob’s daughter. Their quest–he for his child, she to exorcise her demons–becomes a primal hunt-and-chase through a savage subculture of drugs and ritualistic violence (“the black land of plenty”) that takes them inexorably toward the limits of physical and psychological torment and trauma.”

It was previously thought that Nick Cassavetes, dirctor of Alpha Dog and The Notebook, was writing and directing this, but that seem to be out.

Kruger is quite the popular guy in hollywood right now. He first came to prominence for his U.S. adaptation of the Japanese hit The Ring, and currently is writing the script for the second Transformers film and is adapting Jennifer Egan’s horror novel, The Keep.