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Terror Titans – DC Comics

The Teens Titans have always had a strange relationship with Deathstroke and it’s no different for his daughter Rose, better known as Ravenger. Rose is once more off on her own and this time she has hooked up with the flip side of the Teen Titans, The Terror Titans. A group of young villains working for someone know as the Clock King.

Turns out Clock king runs a club called the dark side, a place where young abducted and drugged heroes fight each other, along with a number of up and coming new versions of the bad guys. I like the idea of legacy villains, DC has it’s share of legacy heroes so it makes perfect sense that the other would follow suit.

As Ravenger lets loose and embraces her darker nature she starts to realize that maybe she doesn’t fit inhere either and she eventually fights for freedom of those held against there will, though more by a side effect of going after clock king and his followers than altruism.

It’s a fun read and sets up Racvanger nicely in the grey are of hero/anti hero. It’s also a bet these new villain characters will be back,