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Thanks to all for making July 2008 our biggest month ever.

I launched Crimespree Cinema in Jan 0f 2007. For the first six months, we garnered 2000-3000 hits a month.

In the fall, the numbers started to dramatically go up, with December ending up at over 11,000.

I am pleased to say that July saw CC hit its highest point yet: More than 18,000 hits and over 14,000 visitors. The more traffic we get, the more traction we have with the studios and networks.

If all goes well, we will be updating more than ever before starting early fall.

I want to think Lee Crawford, Randy Otteson, Gerald So, Naomi Krueger, Bradley Hayward, My wife Jill and, last but certainly not least, Jon and Ruth Jordan. The Jordans’ love and amazing energy makes you want to work harder and have more fun.

And thanks to everyone that visits the site and gives their thoughts and opinions. Let me also make a public offer: Any crime authors that have something they want to write about related to either television or film, I am always interested. I am speaking both for this site and for Crimespree magazine.

You can email me at jeremy@crimespreemag.com

One final note: I want to let everyone know that Fen (Aka Rev) will be providing us with a summary of each episode of Burn Notice. With each piece, I will include a link to the full review. These Rev-Views are excellent and worth reading. Even after seeing the episode, I make a point of reading Rev’s thoughts. Damn good stuff!

Jeremy Lynch