The 8 % Solution Continued

I began this project with a simple request. Asking people to bring a friend to an Independent Book Store on the weekend and share a photo with us.
I’m not done yet. Last night I had the great good fortune to go to a book event. Have you attended one this month? Would you be willing to share a photo? I’ve got more books. Send me a picture by April 26th and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a St. Martin’s Press book.

The Winner of our first Photo Contest is Bill Cameron pictured here with a charming young man at Powell’s Books. Bill is also a writer with ferocious chops and insane talent.

If you have the time to tell me your favorite story (500 words) about any bookstore purchase and will share I will consider it a privilege to read it. Any and all stories will make my birthday week a little better. I will share mine with everyone next week.

The strong core of Mystery Indies can keep our favorite genre healthy. Please help by finding one to frequent.