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THE BIG BANG THEORY: The Complete Fifth Season

Warner Home Video
Release Date: Sept 11th, 2012

This is my favorite sitcom of the last 20 years hands down. Consistently funny and a show you can re-watch over and over. It gets better and better.

Season 5 has seen the cast expanded to 7 regulars and expanding the lives of the characters. We know a lot more about Raj and Howard by the end of the season, in part because Howard has been chosen to go into space to work on the international space station. Sheldon and Amy’s relationship grows in a very weird and strange way as only a relationship between those two could. There is a “relationship agreement” now in place and it is a deep well of comedy. Leonard and Penny make a decision to beta test a second go at a relationship and I for one like them better together than apart.

I was concerned that introducing more characters would dilute the comedy of the original 5 but really it just adds to it and was a great move by the folks who do the show. They have achieved a real nice balance among the cast and still stay true to what makes the show work. I will watch this show for as long as they decide to do it and I’ll continue to watch the DVDs over and over, laughing myself into a painful mass on the floor.