The Day the Bus Came to Milwaukee!!

It’s a mystery book tour!! Brought to you by Atria Books and Starring  John Connolly, Liza Marklund, M.J. Rose and William Kent Krueger with special appearances by local bookstores across the U.S. and yes!!! The readers!!

5:15 P.M April 16th : Taxes filed. Work Day in. Time to get my Crimespree on. From the moment Jon pulled into the Ironhorse Hotel to meet up early for drinks with M.J. Rose , Liza Marklund and John Connolly to my first glimpse of the bus and a hug from the wonderful Kent Krueger… that good old “I love books” vibe ratcheted steadily upwards.

Hey, Here’s a picture of the bus.

The concept: Appear locally…. appeal globally.

And here they go! Beginning at THE MYSTERIOUS BOOKSTORE (Warren St. N.Y.C.) on April 13th and ending at Barnes & Noble (Chesterfield, MO.) on April 19th the writers have banded together to reach out a spread their passion for the written word.

Tonight was Milwaukee and Mystery One’s turn.  It was glorious. In my independent but hanging in there little local shop…. a mixture of familiar faces and fans there for the first time to share the experience gathered.

There’s a certain magic when I watch four such talented people with four such distinct styles meld to entertain a group of readers. John and Kent are Milwaukee favorites and have a “following”.  That’s a truth. M.J. Rose has a rabid following and not a few of the individuals I’d never seen were there to see her.  This is Lisa Marklund’s first time in the Midwest and as wonderfully wicked as her series is? I dare you to listen to her speak and not buy the book.  She’s a keeper. Embrace her. Better yet, come meet her.

Today (April 17) the gang of four appears in Madison WI at Murder by the Books and Once Upon a Crime in Minneapolis MN. That’s a lot of time on the bus. Welcome them with open arms. If you feel the urge to bring cookies, I understand there’s a Cookie Jar.

They’ll be at Rainy Day Books in Overland Park KS tomorrow (April 18) before finishing the tour in Chesterton. I encourage you to attend if you can. If you’re unable to attend all of the booksellers who’ve hosted MY new found Fab Four will have signed copies available.

Glimpse at the fun from the innernets. Twitter: @mysterybustour  Facebook:  Atria Mystery Book Tour (events)

A bit on our four star players:

John Connolly: Writer of the award winning Charlie Parker Series and The fantabulous Y.A. series featuring Samuel Johnson. CHECK OUT THE INFERNALS !

Lisa Marklund: An established International Bestseller (11 Novels) , Lisa’s name is buzzing through the American crime Fiction Community. Smart and original, this Swede’s writing is so delicious you’ll wish it was edible. RED WOLF  and heroine  Annika Bengtzon are available right now to U.S. readers. Come on, stay up late. You know you want to.

M.J. Rose: An established International Bestseller (11 Novels), M.J. Rose’s THE BOOK OF LOST FRAGRANCES is enchanting romance, para-normal, historicals and crime fiction readers.  I love a good perfume…. Cleopatra’s? Alright.

William Kent Krueger: It’s this simple: If you haven’t picked up a book from the Cork O’Conner series you need to stop reading this blog and go read one.

Ruth Jordan