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The Death of The New Gods – DC Comics

Jack Kirby really left a legacy with the new Gods. A whole new universe that was eventually brought into play with the rest of DC. The characters have been at the center of some great stories and involved in a many more. Personally I’ve always been a fan of Mister Miracle and his wife Big Barda.

With all the changes in the DC universe it seemed inevitable that The new Gods would go through a change at the very least. Well, I guess complete annihilation is a change!

Jim Starlin was brought on board to do the deed. As he mentions in his introduction, it was a daunting task. And really, who would want to be the one to undo Kirby’s legacy? Well, Starlin was the right choice. His art style lends it self to the characters of the Fourth World perfectly. It’s a bit old school and heavy on the Sci Fi look, perfect for Starlin. Starlin also really did a terrific job of writing the tale. I’ve always liked Mister Miracle, but until now had no idea what a mjor player he could be. bringing in Superman as a kind of witness to the end seemed, well, right. I also liked the confusion and then the exceptance of Metron as he pbserve right to the end.

There is a feeling of nobleness that runs under the surface through out this story, and the heroic actions of the peace loving New genesis and the blind rage of the inhabitants blinding following on Apokalips seems more defined and almost sad and predestined.

As has been seen since, there is most likely going to be a reemergence of the New Gods, the fifth world? Darkseid has apparently made a comeback of sorts.

This book needed to feel epic, respectful and final, and I think Jim Starlin nailed it.