Gary Inbinder
2014 (December 15th)
Pegasus Books

I love historicals set in the late 1800s and Inbinder’s THE DEVIL IN MONTMARTRE set in 1889 is right up my alley. Inspector Lefebvre is working a horrific murder of a dancer/model who was found in the seres beneath Paris. The crime is the stuff of nightmares and speculation begins that maybe Jack The Ripper has come to France.

Using what at the time was new and unproven techniques to work the crime Inspector Lefebvre works his way through the mystery and a number of very promising suspects. But he must act fast as Paris is hosting the 1989 Universal Exposition and another murder could ruin the event.

This is a classic style mystery and like other great mysteries set in this time the use of fledgling forensics is both interesting and even exciting. Inbinder weaves a wonderful tale and hid plotting and pacing and right on the money. Indications are that this is the first in a series, I certainly hope so as I would love to read more adventures with Inspector Lefebvre. I always wished Caleb Carr had written more in his ALIENIST series, well, I have found my replacement.

Just in time for Xmas shopping!