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THE DOLL by Taylor Stevens – book review

Taylor Stevens
June 2012

Taylor Stevens, award-winning author of THE INFORMATIONIST and THE INNOCENT, returns in the spectacular novel, THE DOLL. Vanessa Michael Monroe is one of the most proficient and brilliant information specialists in the world. Languages come as naturally to her as breathing does to others. A life of violence and evils from her own past, she is as sharp and deadly as the knives she wields.
When she is abducted by a sadistic human trafficking ring, she immediately begins planning the demise of all responsible. However, when she discovers that the life of the person she loves most hangs in the balance, she is forced to give up all control to her captors. The only way to save what she most wants to protect is to deliver an up and coming starlet into the hands of a person who views women as little more than a commodity. Reduced to a puppet by the mysterious Doll Maker, Monroe must decide between sacrificing her principles and sacrificing one she loves.

Taylor Stevens

Taylor Stevens

Monroe is the perfect heroine for the twenty-first century. With a mind like Jason Bourne, the skill set of a modern day Sherlock Holmes, and the fighting ability of Jack Reacher, THE DOLL is sure to be a hit with anyone who has ever devoured a thriller in a night. The book explodes out of the gate and flies until the amazing ending.
While this is the third book in the series, it can easily be read enjoyably as a standalone. However, if you’ve read Stevens’ previous two books, this one is sure to thrill you as it builds on the previous books so brilliantly. Enemies and threats from the past arise again and you’ll be hooked from the first page.
Bryan VanMeter