The Doom Patrol

When I first started reading comics I don’t think Doom Patrol had a regular title. I would catch occasional reprint stories and always enjoyed the strange team. As I grew older and had more money to spend (on comics) the new Teen Titans including Beast Boy Gar Logan helped to bring around a bit of new interest in the team. 
 They made a come back with new members and of course Robotman Cliff Steele. This new team grew and brought new heroes into the DC universe. Eventually they too were killed and some forgotten. But it was this ending that brought about the run on the team’s stories by Grant Morrison, that mad crazy man who took a team that was kinda fun and nobody really knew what to do with and turned it into some thing edgy and incredible and surreal. I never missed and issue and have all the collections.

The current state of this team has them in their own title again which has just hit #18. I just read this latest issue (as I have the ones leading to it) and I have to see say that Doom Patrol is at the top of my stack to read first each time it comes out. I love what Keith Giffen is doing with the team. It’s edgy with out being kinda creepy like Morrison was (though it was a cool creepy). It is also a bit darker and feels more real somehow because of the attitude of the players. These are misfits, there is no mistaking that, but recently they are operating without the controlling mind of the Chief, that wheelchair bound crazy man who in recent history has gone REALLY crazy.
I can’t get enough. Cliff is pissed, Rita is mad as Hell and not going to take it any more and Larry is just, well, kinda batty. I love Bumblebee being more involved. And I love them being part of the madness of Oolong island.

Have I mentioned the art? It’s really awesome. Matthew Clark and Ron Randall are kicking ass here and I flat out LOVE the facial expressions.  Even the body language is perfect.

If you haven’t been reading this book go and get a few issues. You’ll be glad you did. Keith Giffen is doing what he does best, telling stories that he loves.

Or pick up a couple trade collections: