The end may be coming for NUMB3RS.

Can you file this one under “say it ain’t so!”

CBS has cut NUMB3RS sixth season from 22 episodes to 16. This does not bode well for what I think is one of the best police procedurals on televison today. My guess is that this will be the final season for the show.

Earlier this season, cast regular peter mcnichol saw his contracted appearances cut to save money. As it was, the show rotated supporting cast members to save money, with no one ep having the entire cast on board. The show delivers solid ratings, but this is coming down to key demos as well as cost.

Of course nothing is set in stone. If enough folks tune in for the rest of the season, things may be just fine. God forbid we keep the good shows when there is a dozen shitty reality shows just waiting to be aired.

If you have not watched NUMB3RS, give it a shot. Rob Morrow, Judd Hirsch and David Krumholtz have developed some damn fine chemistry over the years. The fact that Hirsch has not been nominated for an Emmy is proof that the voters are crack-addled morons (as if snubbing THE WIRE was not proof enough!).