The first look at the BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE animated film

If you were to ask comic fans what is the meanest, ugliest, coolest Batman story, odds are pretty good THE KILLING JOKE would be mentioned over and over. The tale came from the cracked mind of Alan Moore and had an impact an impact on many future Comic book writers and artists. So when word came that Warner Bros would be producing an animated feature of TKJ, folks were both excited and nervous. Could this be done right? From what we have heard so far, it sounds promising. For starters, Warner has Ok’d an R rated version. Add to that the fact that Mark Hamill agreed to reprise his role as the Joker, something he has said he was reluctant to do. Mark reportedly told them that TKJ was a story that could bring him back.

The story looks at the origins of The Joker and gives some interesting ideas as to how he became the crazed iconic killer. As popular as it is, Moore does not think it is especially good, but does think it shows that Batman and Joker are “Mirror opposites.” In addition to Hamill,  Kevin Conroy returns as Batman, Tara Strong is Batgirl, Ray Wise will voice Commissioner Gordon and Sam Liu directs. Sam has done numerous DC films, including BATMAN: YEAR ONE as well as BEWARE THE BATMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AND MONSTERS and JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. TEEN TITANS.