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The Flash: The Wild Wests

The latest Flash collection is out in a groovy looking hardcover and is collects issues 231-237.

I’m a long time fan of the Flash, my enjoyment of the character goes back to the early ’70s when I spent allowance money on comics. One of the first Flash iisues I bought was a 100 page spectacular that put Barry Allan up against the Ragdoll. I thought the villian was a bit creepy, and later some other writers would really make that true. (Thanks James Robinson)

I remember reading the New Flash. post crisis and coping with taking over the mantle of this legendary hero Wally West was interesting. Over the years he’s continued to evolve and in all that time, in over 200 issues he remains interesting.

The Wild Wests picks up with Wally’s return to the DC Universe after a brief vacation of sorts that saw Impulse step up and then get taken out. Wally and wife Linda have twins and the book is now focusing on Wally as a family man, raising two kids with powers. It’s funny, has well thought out plots and really shows Mr. West as an adult, but still with his same enthusiasm. He wears the role of Father and Husband well.

The book opens with a ferry accident and Flash brings the kids along to help train them in the use of their ever growing powers. The accident turns out to be a prelude to an invasion which eventually brings in the Justice League and the planet Savoth which is a kind of safe haven for Flashs. The action is top notch and the story is really paced well. The whole family plays a part and really works together looking out for one another with out the cliche’s of a damsel in distress. the kids even save Dad.

The ender is a fun story with the kids practicing again only this time in Metropolis and of course the man in the cape is there.

I love this new direction that Mark Waid has taken this character and I am more of a fan now than I’ve ever been. Daniel Acuna’s art is fresh and perfect for telling stories with speed.
If the series continues like this subscribe me for life.