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THE FOURTH MOTIVEfourth motive
Sean Lynch
April 2014
Exhibit A


Assistant District Attorney Paige Callen is out for her morning run when she is brutally attacked on a deserted stretch of California beach. Her attacker lets her go—but ensures she knows that she will be seeing much more of him. Soon it’s apparent that Paige is being stalked by someone who is relentless, methodical and determined to draw out Paige’s terror. Paige’s father, retired Judge “Iron Gene” Callen, decides to call in retired cop Bob Farrell to track the psycho down and keep his daughter safe. Farrell enlists the help of former Deputy Kearns, and together they attempt to keep Paige out of the line of fire while trying to figure out just who is behind the attacks. Assault soon turns to murder, as the Judge’s long-time maid is brutally killed, and Kearns takes Paige on the run for her protection. But her stalker is never more than a few steps behind….

There is no shortage of action in THE FOURTH MOTIVE, the second novel from Sean Lynch featuring Farrell and Kearns. In fact, the action is nothing short of relentless—exactly what you want in a high-octane thriller. As in WOUNDED PREY, the story is dark, yet psychologically fascinating, and impossible to put down. Lynch knows how to paint one hell of a bad guy—truly the stuff nightmares are made of.

Our private investigator Bob Farrell is a hard-drinking retired detective who isn’t afraid to break the rules in order to mete out his own brand of justice; but as he says, he’s one of the good guys. He is certainly someone I would want in my corner—he is deadly and tough, and not afraid to fight dirty. I appreciate a hero that steps past the red tape to get a job done—no matter the cost. Yet Farrell is nicely balanced against his sometime partner Kevin Kearns—a much younger, fitter and more naïve ex-deputy who is still looking to get back on a police force somewhere and leave his past mistakes behind him. Farrell badgers him into getting involved with the case, but he and Kearns truly are a well-matched team.

The pages of this novel flew through my fingers. Lynch obviously knows what he’s talking about—not only regarding investigations, but also human psychology and motivation. This novel packs a one-two punch that can’t be beat.

Erica Ruth Neubauer