THE GOOD COP by Brad Parks Reviewed



Brad Parks
Minotaur Books

Carter Ross returns in his fourth foray into investigative journalism in Parks’ latest novel. Ross is handed a story about a local officer who apparently kills himself in the precinct. After an interview with the man’s wife and former partner, Carter has too many questions to simply accept the conclusion of suicide. After all, why would a man with a new child, a job he loved, and a wife he was devoted to suddenly decide to throw it all away? Why would a man who was ten years sober be found with a bottle of bourbon on him? Why would the police be so anxious to simply sweep this under the nearest rug and run? With his typical self-deprecating wit and cadre of odd, yet charming, colleagues, Carter throws himself into the case in his hunt for the truth.
Every time I think Brad Parks has reached his best, another novel comes out and blows away his last one. THE GOOD COP is no exception to that rule. Carter is always a joy to read. His rapid fire quips and his dogged pursuit of the truth in his stories make him one of my all-time favorite characters. With the victim being a noble police officer in the latest novel, we are immediately sucked into Carter’s need to dig up that which has been buried in this case. As with the cases he usually faces, each answer leads to more questions until the pieces fall together in a stunning finale. If the last chapter of this book doesn’t get your pulse flying, then you must already be dead.
Possessing one of the most unique writing styles I have ever read, Parks is always enthralling from beginning to end. The combination of his electric pace, eccentric characters, and brilliant plot make this an excellent read for everyone and anyone. THE GOOD COP flies through your fingers propelled by a perfect combination of humor, danger, and mystery. Careening from a grieving widow, to Carter being tormented by his editor, to sneaking into a morgue, Parks never lets you catch your balance or your breath. It’s like being on a thrill ride run by a wise-cracking psychopath and I’ve never been more anxious to get back on for another run.
-Bryan VanMeter