The Hardy Men project still alive.

A couple of years ago, I reported that Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise were set to star in The Hardy Men, a comedy based on the popular young adult mysteries.

Enough time has gone by that I started to think it was either a joke or something that sounded good at the time, but faded away in the face of more legitimate projects.

It turns out the film is still on track.

Ed Solomon has been hired to have a go at the screenplay. Lord knows how many drafts have been done already, I know that Simon Kinberg (Mr. And Mrs. Smith) did one. Solomon’s resume is a mixed bag. He wrote for the very cool “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” as well as Men In Black and Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure, but is also behind the remake of The In-Laws as well as Super Mario Brothers.

The general idea remains the same, the two brothers are now grown up and not getting along. Something happens and they have to work together to solve the crime.