The Human Target CHANCE MEETINGS – Graphic novel review

Vertigo Comics

Peter Milligan is one of those rare writers who finds himself perfectly at home no matter what sub genre he is writing in. This collection is his take on a DC character that has been around since the 60’s and has been turned into a pretty good television show on Fox (Human Target starring Mark Valley).

CHANCE MEETINGS, a catchy name given that the human target is named Christopher Chance, is no longer the sophisticated playboy type hanging out in a swanky pad waiting to be a hero. At this point in his life he is troubled and damaged. Too many years being other people have started to take their toll. Both the stories in this collection play on that theme. This is story telling firmly set in LA, with a bit of a Robert Crais novel feel to it. There is a man who has worked with Chance caught up in his own role of being someone else going through what Chance has. There is a femme fatale hitman (woman?) out to get Chance and her back story almost could use its own book. Gangsters, bad guys and a truly modern noir feel make this a wonderful read that any crime fiction fan will adore. And it’s also just damn good story telling with a focus on characters.

The art is is a joy and realy captures the nature of the tales being told. Edvin Biukovic and Javier Pulido are both on the top of their game here. And the Tim Bradstreet covers are need to be framed and hung on the wall. ( I actually bought copiesof the original comics and did just that)

This collection is another wonderful book in what I’m calling the year of Peter Milligan. So read this book, watch the show, and ask for more!

Jon Jordan