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THE KILLING star on finale non-ending: “I Thought It Was Very Funny.”

“I thought it was very funny,” the super chill Swedish actor exclusively told E! News at a private Comic-Con press event for his upcoming alien-invasion film, The Darkest Hour, referring to viewer outrage over the Emmy-nominated AMC drama’s seemingly out-of-nowhere cliffhanger.

“I was laughing my ass off,” Kinnaman said, adding that he doubts too many of those who vowed not to return for season two will be able to miss out on learning the truth.

“I think people are going to want to know,” he said.

As for the last-minute discovery that his character had even more to hide, Kinnaman said that he knew “not the full” of where Holder was headed, but he knew the guy had issues all along.

“I knew he was an addict and, you know, he’s not a bad guy,” he said.

He may well be right, all of those that watched season one might return to see just who the hell did commit the murder. I won’t be one of them. THE KILLING was, at times, smart and engaging; it also was drawn out and frustrating. I think season one would have made for nine hours of good television. Unfortunately, it was thirteen hours long and contained red herrings that bored fans more than anything else.

Brent Sexton deserves credit as a true shining star in an otherwise very frustrating season. His portrayal of Stan Larsen, a father devastated by the lose of his daughter, but trying to hold together his family was phenomenal, but he was the one true bright spot in this over-reaching show.

My own prediction is that they lose 25% of the audience. The numbers were soft already and unless things start with a BANG, season two will be DOA.