The Last Contract Issue One

The Last Contract issue one comes out this week from Boom Studios. It’s the tale of a retired hitman by Ed Brisson with art by Lisandro Estherren.

lastcontract1Over the years I’ve read a lot of stories about hitmen, some better than others, but my favorites seem to be the ones that have a the hitman trying to live a normal life. In THE LAST CONTRACT we open with an old man having coffee, it’s a weekly thing he does as part of his routine. As we follow him he goes home, lets out the dog and gets ready for bed. He hears a noise and ends up surprising someone in his house. A few action sceens and bodies later we find out along with the old man that somewhere along the line his old boss has died and someone has a contact list and is using it to black mail some big bosses. To cover their tracks the big boss decides to kill anyone who may know what he’s been up to. Our old man doesn’t take kindly to this and decides to fight back one last time.

Brisson paces this nicely and issue one leaves me wanting more and wanting it now. His dialogue is sparse except when the mob boss is ranting and it’s about the way you figure these guys would talk if you met them. Nicely done.
I love the art, it’s a bit different than the mainstream stuff and the coloring helps give it a nice look that leaves a bit to the imagination but also coveys the story well. I went through a second time without reading the art does indeed tell the story on it’s own.

I can’t wait to read the next three issues of this mini series.