EVIL FOR EVIL by James R Benn: Book Review

James R. Benn
SOHO Books

Book four in the Billy Boyle WWII series is a real winner. This series has been consistently well written and entertaining.
EVIL FOR EVIL opens with Billy being sent to Northern Ireland to recover some stolen guns and hopefully keep them from falling into the wrong hands. The Germans hope that hostilities in Northern Ireland will distract the British and so Billy’s mission is important on a number of levels. With the help of an undercover operative he investigates but finds many suspects on all sides. The seriousness of his mission escalates as the body count rises.

Benn writes about this era in history like someone who lived it, his research must be intense because the writing is detailed and full. He also does a wonderful job with the mystery neither giving anything away yet playing fair with the reader. Suspenseful to the end. Another great book from Benn.
Jon Jordan