The Launch of Todd Robinson’s THE HARD BOUNCE.

IMG_0060Todd Robinson, better known to some of you as Big Daddy Thug, just celebrated the release of THE HARD BOUNCE, his first novel.

January 25th saw Todd launch his literary babe at The Mysterious Bookshop.

Boo Malone lost everything when he was sent to St. Gabriel’s Home for Boys. There, he picked up a few key survival skills; a wee bit of an anger management problem; and his best friend for life, Junior. Now adults, Boo and Junior have a combined weight of 470 pounds (mostly Boo’s), about ten grand in tattoos (mostly Junior’s), and a talent for wise-cracking banter. Together, they provide security for the Cellar, a Boston nightclub where the bartending Audrey doles out hugs and scoldings for her favorite misfits, and the night porter, Luke, expects them to watch their language. At last Boo has found a family.

But when Boo and Junior are hired to find Cassandra, a well-to-do runaway slumming among the authority-shy street kids, Boo sees in the girl his own long-lost younger sister. And as the case deepens with evidence that Cassie is being sexually exploited, Boo’s blind desire for justice begins to push his surrogate family’s loyalty to the breaking point. Cassie’s life depends on Boo’s determination to see the case through, but that same determination just might finally drive him and Junior apart. What’s looking like an easy payday is turning into a hard bounce—for everyone.

IMG_0113Todd has been a fixture on the mystery scene for years as the Head Thug for the short story site In fact, one of the atendees of the launch, the award-winning Hilary Davidson, got her start with a Thug Lit story.

Also in hand to celebrate were  Jason Starr, Richie Narvaez, Glenn Gray, Terrence McCauley, Justin Porter, Albert Tucher, Matthew McBride, and many others.

I asked Todd if there were any memorable moments that he would like to share. His response: it just wouldn’t be a Big Daddy Event without somebody having to get tossed. Moments after reading began, a voice at the back yelled, “I want to go home.” Undeterred, I read on, only to be interrupted again with, “MOMMY!, I want to go home!” At which point, my three-year-old son was hastily removed from the premises. Everybody’s a freaking critic…


Todd explains the importance of a good tie.

BOUNCE has garnered very enthusiastic reviews from a number of critics, including Crimespree’s own Dave Wahlman loved it. Publisher’s Weekly called it “dynamic” while Sons of Spade said it is what “my favorite PI novel would look like.”

Here are the planned signings as of the time this went live:

Saturday February 16th BARNES & NOBLE Dartmouth MA 6 pm

Sunday March 24th – MYSTERIOUS GALAXY Redondo Beach CA 2:30 pm

Wednesday April 3rd – MURDER BY THE BOOK Houston TX (w/ Frank Bill)

Friday April 5th – BOOK PEOPLE Austin TX (w/ Frank Bill and Matthew McBride)