The man that will become Emerson Lasalle

Jake Dickey and co have announced the lead for the upcoming PULP BOY. Allen Enlow will star as Emerson Lasalle. Written by Doctors Victor Gischler (GUN MONKEYS, VAMPIRE A GO-GO) and Anthony Neil Smith (HOGDOGGIN’, YELLOW MEDICINE), PB tells the story of the iconic pulp writer and his attempt to return to glory.

Emerson Malcolm Witt LaSalle was born in Le Fils de Vainqueur, Missouri on March 11, 1899. At the age of seventeen he was admitted to Harvard to study journalism and was expelled after a single semester. Yearning to see the world and “fling himself into the dripping fangs of adventure” he joined the French Foreign Legion where he served honorably before losing a hand to an Arab in the Sudan. Accounts vary , but most agree he put it someplace it didn’t belong.

He bounced around, writing for a number of newspapers as a foreign correspondent before publishing his first novel The Clockwork Woman in 1928, a startling tale of a lonely mad scientist who builds the perfect companion of springs and gears. A critical failure, the novel nevertheless sold out nine print runs, and launched LaSalle’s career as a fabulist. But his new success was tainted later that same year when his father (Earnst) and his mother (Helga) were killed in a blimp accident over the Scottish Highlands.

LaSalle met the girl of his dreams. Seven times. After his seventh and final divorce in 1978, LaSalle vowed never to marry again, and was arrested four times over the next decade for soliciting prostitutes. He produced no known offspring.

Twenty-two of his novels were optioned for film, including Vixen Shamus which was optioned by Ed Wood for one dollar but, alas, never filmed. Only one of the options actually came to fruition. Bulgarian filmmaker Ivan Ivan shot and edited the Bulgarian language version of The Unmazing Mr. Mechanical in three weeks. The film flopped. No prints are known to exist.

LaSalle’s career waned but enjoyed a minor resurgence in the 1970’s at which time LaSalle made the science fiction convention circuit, garnering a new generation of fans.

So we know the man who was Emerson, but what about the man that will be Emerson?

Professionally, he has appeared in epsisodes of THE SOPRANOS, LAW & ORDER, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, AS THE WORLD TURNS and THE WISDOM TREE (whatever that is). He has also appeared in a numner of shorts, a video game as well as a pair of films (GOOD SHARMA, SPARKLE AND TOOTER). He has two other films in post-production.

I asked Allen for bio and this is it:

Allen is currently living in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and 17 year old daughter. He grew up as the son of an FBI Agent and moved quite frequently; having lived in NJ, VA, SC, FL, and MN. He attended Stetson University in Deland, FL in ’74 where he got the acting bug and has been addicted ever since. Because acting is such as secure career, Allen has taken on a few other jobs over the years just for the hell of it including: radio dj, singing waiter at a Chinese restaurant in Concord, NH (is that a title for a novel or what?), cab driver (yes, he got held up once), phone telemarketer, substitute teacher, Stand-up Comedian, Cartoon Voice-over artist, Caricature artist & party entertainer. Oh, Allen also does dead-on Celebrity Impersonations. He was hired to write & sing personalized lyrics for a woman’s 65th birthday, as Elvis of course. He was so convincing that someone in the audience asked, ” Was he lip-synching?” Pretty tough to lip-synch if the lyrics are personalized don’t you think?!

I also asked Allen about PULP Boy:

Give me your thoughts on Pulp Boy.

This screenplay is brilliantly crafted and already getting laughs. I feel extremely privileged to be cast as the lead (Emerson LasSalle). I decided not waste any time and began working on scenes in my acting class to get a jump on things. The teacher (who’s from the actor’s studio) and fellow class members are giving it a thumbs up with their laughs and praises. This film relates to all of us who feel we have our life well under control and then one morning wake up to find we have no control whatsoever. You realize at any moment (God bless the Haitians) it could all be taken away and you could end up all alone in the universe.

What scares me most about this script is how much Emerson & I have in common. He’s a behind the times, rigid man-child living in his little fantasy world of strange creatures and sophomoric sexual fantasies…HEY, I said I have a LOT in common…not ALL! You might say I am already learning some life lessons from this movie. Although I’m married and have a 17 year old daughter; I’m an actor who tends to live in his head a great deal. Luckily I’m married to the most loving, patient woman on the face of the earth who prods me back into reality on a daily basis.

Is Lasalle the kind of guy you would have read growing up?

I was a big Comic Book superhero fan as a kid but as far as Science Fiction goes I must admit I’m a peripheral buff. I love the modern flicks like Aliens….Predator and did attend all the Star Trek & Wars flicks, but prefer a much more sophisticated genre such as Karate Movies….hi-yah!

So is there anything you are doing to prepare yourself for this role, ther than drinking a lot?

As homework, I am currently delving into classic SF. Finished The Time Machine, The Hobbit (can you believe I never read that?), and am currently on 20,000 Leagues… Up next it’s some of the pulp Star Trek paperbacks that have been gathering dust in my shelf.

Anything that comes from the minds of Smith and Gischler will most certainly rock. In the near future, we will take a look at some of the other actors that have come on board.

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