Written and Directed by Lorene Scaofaria
Starring: Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne, J.K. Simmons

Well, you can file this film along with HELLO, MY NAME IS DORIS, as a half-hearted attempt by Hollywood to generate some ticket sales from the over-sixty woman (and perhaps the man she drags along). The movie is so tepid, so generic, so soft-focused, it was hard to stay awake. The sole interest was in wondering how Susan Sarandon managed to look 45 at 70. Surgery, good DNA, good cameraman, good lens? I don’t know.

When her husband dies, The Meddler (Sarandon), moves west to be with her daughter (Bryne) in California. Yes, she does meddle but only in the most benign and boring ways. Even her romance with J.K. Simmons is down-pedaled enough to slide off the screen. Not recommended.

Patti Abbott