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The New Year is Coming

Another New Years Eve is almost upon us. A time to reflect, a time to look forward.


First, resolutions. Resolutions are kind of a waste of time to me. I have no intention of commiting to something simply because of the date. If I want to quit smoking or drop weight, I’ll do it with out a phony promise to myself.Most resolutions don’t last through January. How about something realistic? I promise not to run anyone over with my truck unless they really deserve it. ok. I think I can do that.

Reflecting….. ah, 2004. What a year it was.

Looking forward. Boy, I hope 2005 doesn’t suck.

Ok, seriously. 2004 was pretty damn good. I spent time with people important to me. I read some great books and accomplished some cool stuff. My family is happy, and so are most of my friends. All in all, a good year.

2005…. I hope to read more good books. I hope our magazine does better and I hope I get Son Of Interrogations done on time and we sell 34,873 copies. I hope all the authors I know make the best seller lists, and I hope all my nonwriter freinds get raises at their jobs and do less work. And I hope everyone stays healthy.

The big night itself. Dec 31. I will not be out in a public place. I did enough of that when I was young, and even when I was protected with a bar in front of me, it is still a hell night. Amatuer drinkers out getting extra stupid. Who needs it?

The preferred plan of action involves a small group of family and friends and good food. Maybe some poker or black jack.

If you are drinking and end up a bit hungover I suggest this for Jan 1st.

Get right out of bed. Drink a shitload of water and take a hot shower. Eat something greasey and go back to bed. Repeat every two hours till the world stops spinning.

If you are not drinking, and I don’t any more, enjoy the no hangover feeling. And spend the day doing nothing! Watch movies, go shopping, take a nap. Syart 2005 rested. I think we might need it.