THE NIGHT MEN: Get an awesome E-book for free!

Keith Snyder is offering everyone a chance to get something for nothing: He is offering his acclaimed novel THE NIGHT MEN, in the epub format, free of charge.

“The situation has to be desperate to cause a California guy to ride his bike across the Brooklyn bridge at midnight, in a snowstorm. But that’s exactly what Jason Keltner was doing because of the phone call he’d received, as chilling as the wind he was riding into, as frightening as memories that haunted as nightmares.

Jason’s friend Zeb, a fellow musician, had opened a music store in Brooklyn and someone had trashed it. The reasons were unclear, but one possibility came to mind: gay bashing. Jason knew the taste of violent prejudice too intimately to do anything but come out to help, to stay up nights as a watchman. It was something he’d done before; it was what brought him together with Robert and then Martin as high school students in California…and what brought Robert to Brooklyn now to help Jason now–without question, without limits, but with a bitter taste that would never go away.

Weaving past and present, The Night Men traces the evolution of a friendship forged in fear and investigates crime born of the same kind of blind hatred that had stalked three boys years earlier. The lessons they’d learned then hadn’t been forgotten. The only difference was that now they knew what they were doing.”

I read the Jason Keltner books years back and loved all of them. But THE NIGHT MEN is more than just a good read, it is an outstanding novel. Take advantage of this opportunity and check out this fantastic tale.

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