The Shield – 701 – The Co-Efficient of Drag

The fabulous Rev will be bringing us write-ups for season seven of The Shield. So without further ado, here is episode one:

“So here we are; at the beginning of the end with the first episode in The Shield: The Final Act and the long wait is finally over. The Co-Efficient of Drag brings us right back to the action the day after season six’s finale and gets on with the meat of the show without waiting or pulling any punches.

The episode follows on directly from the events of season six (the following day in fact), so it helps to have recently watched the sixth season but there is a “Previously on The Shield” recap to bring you up to speed with the main thrust of things. And it’s a real gem of an opening episode, starting off with an intense confrontation between Shane, Vic and Ronnie it sets up a pacy race between the two sides of the strike team to find the hit man who was sent after Vic’s family last season. With Vic and Ronnie looking to protect Vic’s family by removing the threats and Shane trying to protect them by working for the Armenians.

The episode also features two other main storylines, a particually grisly scene involving bodies being dragged down streets to mark out territories and a lighter one which involves an old case of Billings being dragged up. Which returns Billings to the show despite his announcement of a court case at the end of the previous season, which is a great thing because David Marciano is very wonderful with his perfomance as Steve Billings. He sells the incompetence to just about the right level, not too far into clown territory – just enough humour to balance the incompetence.

The biggest question I had before this season started was “Will David Rees Snell manage to bring enough presense on screen with his portrayal of Ronnie?” and The Co-Efficient of Drag answers that with a resounding “YES!” Not only does he step up to the increased screen time and dialog his role now requires without hesitation but he also manages to carry an air of power and charisma all of his own. David has grown as an actor alongside Ronnie’s growth as a character and it looks like he’s more equal for the task in hand.

The episode is an explosive start that promises the final season will be everything you hope it should. The Shield is one of the finest television shows to have ever graced the small screen and this episode is no exception.”

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