The Shield – 706 – Animal Control

“The Shield has almost felt like it’s been killing time since Vic figured out that Shane was behind Lem’s death and he confronted him in “Chasing Ghosts”. This is actually the tenth episode since that revelation and for a while I was wondering when things would get back to the crunch. Fortunately The Shield hasn’t been completely idle during this time but if it was left much longer there would be almost no time left.

Rest assured, Animal Control brings things crashing back down with a dose of that special “shield tension” as Vic and Ronnie decide to take action against Shane, spelling the start of the end game for the show. They arrange for a dummy box sale to occur with Razien and Shane, doctor the firing pin on Shane’s Beretta and then hire some Mexicans to perform the hit. Shane in the meantime is meeting up with a face from the past, my favourite living (ex)member of the strike team, Tavon!

Tavon needs Shane’s help to bring in a felon who murdered his wife and sons. The last surviving member of his family – his daughter – has been contacted by the man and this gives Tavon a chance to bring him into justice. But the girl won’t do it without Shane being present. After successfully bringing the man to justice Tavon corners Shane outside and tells him that he knows what really happened that night when Mara hit him with an iron and he crashed his car. He knows that Shane lied while the others covered it up for him as he now remembers everything and he wants Shane to know that. To know that Tavon sees him for what he really is. I’m hoping that Tavon makes at least on more appearance before this is all over.

In a parallel to this story a man is found confused and naked by Tina, he’s covered with someone else’s blood and unsure if he’s hurt someone while in a state of somnambulism (sleep walking). Dutch once again sees the colour serial killer red and chases after the flag with Claudette in support. They find a woman who matches the blood type and vague description given by the man dead in an alley and Claudette pushes him hard. Convincing him that he’s acting out these homicidal urges in his sleep, she breaks him, but then a young blonde woman arrives with a story. She encountered a naked man after falling over and splitting her head on a fire hydrant, he attempted to help her up but she drove him away. Claudette and Dutch realise they’ve been chasing an innocent man, but when Claudette returns to the cell he’s laying on the floor, the guilt too much he took the edge of his soda can to his neck. Both of these two stories deal with an innocent man being lead to believe he was guilty.

At the climax of the episode the hit on Razien, his lieutenants and Shane goes down. But the mexicans are a little late in arriving and Shane wanders out to take a look. By chance he spots them arriving with guns and hides while Razien and the Armenians are shot down. He attempts to shoot them both while they’re looking the other way but his gun doesn’t fire. He understands immediately what this means and he reveals that when talking to Mara at the end of the episode.

He knows that Vic and Ronnie tried to get him killed and as he says “You know the worst part is? They think I’m too stupid to even realise it.”
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