The Starman Omnibus Editions

When I first read the Starman series is was really happy with the ending, but sad to see the end. James Robinson did such a great job with the series. He took a character from the 40’s which i only had a passing interest in,  reading about Starman in reprints of the old stories and he added new characters and basically made Starman and his son hip.
The series focuses on Jack Knight, the family member who went his own way, not wanting anything to do with his Dad Ted or the Starman legacy. but when push comes to shove Jack steps up and defends his family. And in truth a big part of the series is about jack and his extended family. It’s also about his growing up and understanding his Father and who he was.

Volume six of this series of Omnibus editions is out and it is really something to behold. Things that seem to have been running under the surface for the whole run come out in the open. We discover more about the Shade in a big battle royal, the final fate of the Mist, Jack spends time with his Brother and they come to understand each other, and jack finally decides what to do with his life. It’s a book of endings and beginnings.
And the ending, it’s perfect. Jack is happy and you are happy for him. And the lead in to the ending wraps up everything.

In addition to the great writing in this series was the art. This final volume is no exception. Peter Snejbjerg is so good and he handles huge fight scenes with detail and the small scenes with class. It should almost be available without words also so you can just enjoy the art.

Called one of the best comic series of the last few decades, and with good reason, this is quite simply story telling at it’s best.

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