The Surrogates

Last summer the movie based on these comics came out and there is also a prequel. THE SURROGATES is a sci fi adventure similar to but different than Blade Runner. Instead of artificial intelligence driving human looking machines it’s actually humans. people no longer interact with each other in person, they choose a design that they feel is most appealing and present this false front to the world. Kind of like an avatar. You can stay at home and plug in and never worry about getting hurt, or dirty or tired. However what these two graphic novels do is show the dangers involved. it also explore society and it’s ability to get caught up in things that are more powerful than the individual. It’s really classic Sci Fi, use a futuristic world to make a statement about the world we actually live in.

Robert Venditti builds to this slowly through the eyes of a weary and worn out cop named Greer who eventually loses his surrogate (Surrie) and lives life for real again. Venditti has created some very real characters and uses them to subtly get the point across.part police procedural, part future tale and part action romp this is a great read.
The art by Brett Weldele is a perfect blend of sketch, ink, paint and computer play coming together to create the mood and backdrop of the story in beautiful fashion, while still allowing the reader to imagine. It’s the best of both worlds and a nice trick to pull off.

The second book is a prequel. THE SURROGATES: FLESH AND BONE. It refers to events only alluded to in the first book and again is a cop story with a moral set in the future. We see Greer on his way to becoming a detective, we see his wife’s decent into the false world of living through a machine and we see people becoming more immune to those around them. A wonderful follow up to the original book.

We here at Crimespree highly recommend both these books. They are both published by Top Shelf and we have to admit are gorgeous looking books.


And after you read these great books check out the movie. Bruce Willis does a nice job and it’s perfect for summer viewing.
Surrogates the movie