THE TUNNEL Complete First Season

THE TUNNEL The Complete First Season

I’ve reached the point where any thing on PBS that has a mystery is going to be on my list of things to watch. Life threw me a couple hiccups so it took a little longer to get to this than I would have liked, but I sat down and did the whole thing in one marathon viewing.

We open on a crime scene in the tunnel connecting France and England, a body is found perfectly centered on the border. The French have the case and a Brit copper shows up after they received a courtesy call. Things change from a little uncomfortable to weird when the body is being moved and falls in to two perfectly even pieces. Half a body for each. It is soon discovered that it is actually two half bodies and not one body in two halves and that each half is from England anf France. Looks like a shared case.
Elsie Wasserman is a loner cop, but far from typical. She is uncomfortable with emotions and almost seems like she doesn’t understand them. She wants to do the work, preferably by herself and move on. Karl Roebuck for the UK half is a man running on emotions and very passionate. Oil and water, fire and ice. On paper it should never work.

But it does work. As the case unfolds it becomes evident that there is a serial killer at large and they have a lot of work in front of them. As they get to know each other they start to gel as a team and an good team at that.

Crime shows are only as good as the crimes being solved and the case here is well done. But for me the characters really make the show. They grew on me more with each episode. The final resolution after ten episodes is satisfying and well done. And I for one am really looking forward to seeing more of this team.

The DVD has behind the scenes footage and cast interviews. 7 ½ hours on 2 discs.
This will be in regular rotation for us with our other favorite crime shows.