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This series never disappoints. Volume 10 was a bit of a transition between arcs, but with great inner conflicts and character development. With Volume 11 we are seeing an increase in action again.

Out band of survivors is moving towards Washington DC and on the way they’ve seen very few undead. The herd is elsewhere, though I’m sure we’ll be seeing them again. This time the conflicts come from humans. The twin boys that Dale and Andrea have been caring for cause a real upset that needs to be dealt with and eventually is, though by a person unknown. Dale eventually starts to lose it and is bitten in a moment unaware. The group is also being watched, by what can only be other survivors. This unknown group grabs Dale when he decides to leave the group. Our group also meets a preist who is troubled for a whole different reason.

I don’t want to give anything else away, but the story really picks up from here. The big climax is followed by a nice ending that once again makes it clear just how different this world is. It also assures that the next collection will be read the day it comes out.

Kirkman is doing such a phenomenal job on this book, totally character driven with people under constant stress and threat. If for some reason you haven’t read this yet, go grab number one, if you are following THE WALKING DEAD go grab volume 11.