War that Time Forgot Vol. 1is this cool time paradox comic is out and it’s loads of fun. The premise is pretty cool, warriors and soldiers from all over time in the DC Universe are brought to an island as an experiment of some kind. The island also happens to be pretty dangerous with dinosaurs roaming around and different factions fighting it out. Classic DC characters from some of my favorite tales are here. The viking Prince, Enemy Ace, Tomahawk and plenty more. The soldiers are from all over time, right up to the Iraqi excursion we are now involved in. They are split in to two basic camps and most of the more modern fighting men and women are serving under a Colonel Jape who it soon becomes apparent is going a little nuts.
Towards the end of this volume we see hints to the fact that these people are being watched and monitored, by who we don’t quite know yet, but they have a futuristic woman join them for up close inspection.

The writing is from Bruce Jones and he has a nice handle on the classic characters and is doing a really great job of utilizing these folks in an entirety new situation. Its full of great action and it has me hooked. Kudos to Jones for making me excited about characters that I’ve all but forgotten about.
It also has an asskicking cover by Neal Adams!

I can’t wait for volume 2.