The Wild Geese to be remade.

Some folks have decided to remake The Wild Geese. Based on the Novel The Thin White Line, TWG featured Roger Moore, Richard Harris and Richard Burton as British ex-soldiers are hired to overthrow a brutal African dictator. The folks that hired them then make a deal with sad scumbag dictator and our band of merry Brits are on their own.

Simply the idea of the remake sounded bad to me, The Wild Geese was already crapped on once with a really stinky sequel. Why inflict further damage to its rep?

Now I know who they plan on to have direct it: Rupert Sanders.

Some of you may be asking “Who is Rupert Sanders?” I can totally understand if you don’t know him. You are likely to be unfamiliar with name unless you are a big fan of commercials.

Rupert has made his living making COMMERCIALS.

Now, to be fair, he has made some fairly good commercials but why have him remake a (semi)classic flick? Leave it the hell alone.

At least it sounds like they are not going to screw too much with the plot. Sanders told Variety that “”It has it all: great characters, action, plot twists and revenge. We are making a tough film, taking ex-British soldiers from the murky London underworld to the battlefields in Africa.”

There is one notable positive: Gianni Nunnari, the producer, had a hand in Se7en, The Departed and 300. Perhaps he has a vision that will make this work.