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That’s what is on the shirts: “We Will Rock You”. Right next to the Queen Shirts and the Paul Rodgers Shirt. I’ve been to a lot of concerts. You might even say a shitload of concerts.

I love Queen, Paul Rodgers doesn’t do much for me. He’s a good singer, but not really a stand out for me. Not like some of the guys and gals I really love. So I was a little nervous going in, thinking it could be really great or really wrong. Well, it was really great. Rodgers nailed the vocals. I’ll admit, could have done with out the couple of Bad Company songs they did, but that’s me, I burned out on Bad Company in the eighties, too many drunken nights with the turntable….

However tonight in Milwaukee Paul Rodgers convinced me he should indeed be touring with Queen. Just the fact that they all were having so much fun was worth seeing. Add great performances to the mix and you’ve got a hell of a evening.
Brian May was amazing, of course. I believe he is an under appreciated genius. Rodger Taylor was great on drums. This was truly what rock and roll is all about. Some nice solos, a few slow songs, and even a couple teary moments when they mentioned Freddie Mercury. I actually couldn’t sing along because I was getting choked up, I’m such a girl.

Queen got me through being a teenager. For my sister it was Patti Smith, Mark Billingham had Morrisey, for me it was Queen and Supertramp. Queen made growing up easier for me and I’ll never really be able to thank them for that. And now years later, here they are making me happy all over again.

And tonight made me very happy, The band was happy, the audience was happy, it was really great. Especially Radio Ga Ga and Under Pressure. Paul Rodgers NAILED the David Bowie vocal.

To check out Queen and Paul Rodgers on line just click the link. (That’s where I found the photos.) Queen and Paul Rodgers

And on the off chance Brian May or Rodger Taylor or John Deacon see this: Thanks Guys. I owe you.