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Once again, the news out of BEA is there are a lot of books published. Newsflash, much? The result? If you really love books it’s time to polish off that Ramen Noodles Cook Book. That’s right, it’s time to shrink that food budget down and move the funds over to the book budget.

This week alone will find the average lover of mystery making choices no fan of fiction should ever have to make. What to buy? What to buy? I present you with a short list of Crimespree recommendations & honey, we’re only scratching the surface here.

ROCK PAPER TIGER This debut novel from Lisa Brackmann is simply put, Wow. A must read.

SLOW HORSES from Mick Herron. If you’re missing Spooks, this is a book for you.
A STRANGER IN THE FAMILY is the latest from Robert Barnard. I’d say more but the name says it all.

THE LION from Nelson DeMille. While Mr. Demille doesn’t need Crimespree’s recommendation, I have a feeling this book will be one of the summer’s most talked about books.

A BAD DAY FOR PRETTY Did you read Sophie Littlefield’s A BAD DAY FOR SORRY? No? Well get to it, this blog will still be here when you’re done. There’s a reason Ms. Littlefield is being nominated for all those awards. Stella Hardesty is a refreshing femme. The sequel is out Tuesday.

BUY BACK – Brian Wiprud is a longtime Crimespree favorite. BUY BACK is about double crossing art thieves. Perfect Summer reading.

FROZEN STIFF by Mary Logue is the next chapter in one of my favorite series. I love the way Ms. Logue envelops a small Wisconsin town and claims it for mystery, again and again. She truly is a master wordsmith.

Before we get to my number one pick I’d like to recommend a paperback title. Amongst last year’s American debuts was a book called DEAD MEN’S DUST by Matt Hilton. I heart this book. I want everyone to read this author. It’s only 9.99. You don’t even have to live on Ramen Noodles to share this one with me.

Okay, so that brings me to:

SO COLD THE RIVER by Micael Koryta. It’s no secret I’m a fan of this author. It’s no secret I, in fact consider him a friend. But this book is the book for me this year. It’s the title I want to talk about with other mystery fans. SO COLD THE RIVER is a great read. It has that special magic that few books do. Within the first few pages your physical being dissolves. You are in French Lick on an adventure that’s frightening and joyous at the same time. So yes, I admit I totally drank the (Pluto) water but you will too.

All of these titles are available this week. And next week? Don’t get me started.