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Things to do if you aren’t going to the Edgars

While the mystery community converges on New York City this week some of us are staying home for what ever reason. So, what to do while they are all partying and carrying on….

1- Pile all the dvd’s on a scale to see how much the movie collection weighs (86.5 lbs in the Jordan household)*

2- Rearrange books on the shelf by color (looks stupid) and put them all back.

3- Practice making sincere faces in the mirror.

4- Finally get around to rereading all the Nero Wolf novels, in Spanish.

5- Practice evasive manuvers to escape from Bryon Quartermous at Bouchercon.

6- Rearrange keys on keyboard ( bed idia)

7- Memorize dialoge from OFFICE SPACE

8- Call Jennifer on her cellphone ever twenty minutes to ask if she’s having fun. ( Email me for the number)

9- Work on Voyage to Bottom of The Sea/ Stargate crossover fan fiction

10- Oh Yeah…. I have a shitload of books to read.

* this weight is now 91lbs.