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Third week of Feb reviews

Brave and The Bold #10
DC Comics

This issue sees a bit more on the Book Of Destiny and also some really fun teamups between the Silent Knight and SUperman and also Aquaman and the Teen Titans. This is truelly silver age fun and reminds me why I started reading comics in the first place. Wonderful art and stories, not overly dark and happy endings. Not always what I look for these days, but some times the classics are exactly what you need.

Madame Mirage #5
Top Cow comics

By now we know the secret behind Madame Mirage, or at least some of it. This issue puts Harper one step closer to avenging her sister and finding her Father. Great action and real story progression here.
Dini has been doing a wonderful job of pacing out the story and as a result he has created a nice tension ans suspense throughout. Dini is now also showing the Harper is more than just a driven character on a mission.
Madame Mirage has all the elements of a great novel with the added benefit of wonderful art. Love this book.

Superman/Batman # 46
DC Comics

More hunt for Kryptonite. A new kryptonite that causes Superman to act like a child and see things as a child which includes weird younger aspects of his fellow Justice Leaguers. Loads of fun. Add some really great story telling drawing on Batamn’s past with Zatana and some nice comradery between Supes and Bats this is a cool issue and another in a line of great issues from this new World’s Finest.

Umbrella Academy 6 of 6
Dark Horse Comics

Seeing the last issue of this was made easier by a paragraph at the end of the
letter column promising a second series later this year. his has become one of my
favorite titles and if you haven’t read it yet do so, either now or in the trade edition coming out. Gerald Way has taken the super hero genre and added some nice
dysfunctional family elements plus some nice and strange events and created a
really cool world to spend time in. Each of the characters is unique and interesting
on their own, together they are solid gold. Gabriel Ba has created a wonderful
landscape for these characters in his artwork and it gives the whole picture
created by Gerald Way a wonderful frame.
This is a clever and fun book with some of my favorite story telling elements and
none of the clichés’. Umbrella Academy is a shelter from the rain of mediocrity in
so many other comics.

The Un-Men #7

Agent Kilcrop is back in Aberrance and he is now Security Advisor. This kicks off a new story arc and it looks to be as entertaining as the first.
Our twisted Dr is trying to make new Un-Men but not having much luck due to the lack of Kaneflesh. Ther are also some strange mutations occuring and they could be deadly.
Whalen is writing a very twisted and strange mystery and I’m loving it. I’m not sure which characters I like and don’t like because they keep doing such strange things, but I do know I want to keep reading to find outif my guesses are right.
Compelling and different and definitly in my pile to be read each month.