this weeks comics

Booster Gold #0
DC Comics

Blue and Gold back together again. It looks like Blue Beetel will be joining Booster, at least for a while. In this issue they shoot forward to the future and decide whether or not to interfere with Booster’s history. Rip Hunter hasd gone missing and his lab is trashed. And we have a lot of Omac units coming .
This title continues to please and it’s nice to see Booster act like a hero and not a clown or a punch line. I also really like the fact that any character from anywhere and anywhen in the DC Universe can show up. Geoff Johns appear to be having fun here and it shows. Dan Jurgans is also doing a really nice job on the art, some of his best work in a long time.

B.P.R.D. 1946 #2
Dark Horse Comics

For those of you who missed me saying it before, I love this comic. This stroy arc taking us back to post world war two is really fun. The Russians are scrambling to grab all the occult device they can get and our BPRD agents seem to be playing catch up. Something evil is coning and it’s going to be big.
Mignola s waeving a really twisted tale of intigue and I’m loving every frame and every word. The aarly days of this group are truly a joy to see. Paul Azaceta is to be commended for his artwork here. truly moody and perfectly suited for creating a sppoky as hell atmosphere.
Top Notch work all the wat around.

Fantastic Four #554
Marvel Comics

I’ve read this title forever, from sloppy art and abd writing to wonderful writing and art wok worth of awards. The new addition of Millar and Hitch and Neary to the title take sit up a few notches and it’s already been on a pretty good run.
The frst arc with the new team brings back an old flame fo Reeds to ask for help to save the world. Cosmic size issues with out hunderds of hroes. Nicely played. The rest of the team is shown as a real family, from the opening with a retun from a vacation in time to Johnny trying to get rich quick. Classic FF and I can’t wait for more.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #5
DC Comics

A nice stroy as an in between arcs. Character development and Winick really seems have a pulse on the Green Arrow family. A nice cliff hanger ending leading us to something bigger.
So yes, this was a great issue. But now I’m ready to see some ass kicking! And it appears Ollie is ready to do some. Lets go! I can’t wait.

Green Lantern Corps #21
DC Comics

I’m not sure I like the idea of the Alpha Lanterns. But I’m thinking that might be intentional. I hope so. If it’s part of a building story for something coming involving the Gaurdians and ther quationable ability to really over see things then I’m all for it. If it resolves and the pay off is good, I’ll re read it and grin the whole while.
If it’s a gimmick to make the Grenn Lanterns more har core or just a cheap ploy I’ll be pissed I was taken for a ride.
Nut I’m guessing the payoff will come so I will keep right on plunking down y cash for this title. This could end up being a hell of a story when it’s all said and done.

Hack And Slash #7 and 8
DDP comics

Tub Club is the latest story arc here in slaher killer central. And while not a typical case for our hack and slash dou it turns out to be right up there alley.
A bunch of coeds are raising a spirit and using it to keep young. Coeds in danger and lots of blood involved.
This is a wonderful book and a very original idea. Tim Seely writes great dialoge and Rebekah Isaacs dies a superb job on pencils. I can’t recommend this enough.

JLA Classified #52
DC Comics

John Byrne is doing some really nice art work here, and pairing him with Roger Stern was a wonderful idea. Byrne’s last wrting job with the JLA left me a little, I don’t know, let down? I felt it was a story that was twenty years old. Not the case here. True team book writing with our heroes working together to stop a deadly foe. Clever twists and great dialogue. And Byrne really does draw these folks like the true icons they are.

New Avengers #38

Jessica has signed up with the regualr avengers and registered to keep her ebaby safe. This issue is basically Luke and Jessica arguing. I’m not sure who’s right, but it’s a real good argument to be made for both sides. Meanwhile the rest of our misfit heroes have new digs thanks to Danny Rand. This stuff will be coming to a head soon and I’m curious to see it play out. Bendis has my attention and I’ll keep reading.
Nicely done.

New Exiles #2

Not sure whare I am on this title yet. I liked the original run a lot. This has promise but I’m afraid Claremont will start to many subplots and leave us hanging. But so far so good. Alternate characters are always fun and it also seems to give Claremont a chance to explore some things he might have left unsaid else where.

Punisher One Shot
Duane Swierczynski popped in to do a Punisher story before starting his run on Cable.
An interesting story as it plays out with Punisher listening in and discovering who did what as we do. And while there is some true Punisher violence, there really isn’t that much. Duane has written a real nice tale with twists and turns and some really clever ideas. Ending it with the opening of Moby Dick was brilliant.

Salvation Run #4 (of7)
DC Comics
The villans having been shot off to another planet via boom tubes are strting to split into their own sub groups. Luthor and Joker both have camps, Luthor’s people have shelter and food, the Joker’s group seem to be embracing the chaos. Interesting development this issue includes Grodd goin a bit nuts and killing a couple long time DC regulars. Plus we see at the end of this issue a third group is starting a paradise of their own.
This is an intersting series and I’m enjoying watching the dynamics between the bad guys. I’m sure they will all end up back on Earth at some point, but by the time they do some of them could be really changed. If nothing else it’s fun to see the free for all feel of it.I really like Sean Chen’s artwork. He des a great gorilla, and his Joker looks really nuts.