This Week’s Giveaway: COMA DREAM by N. Lawrence Mann

COMA DREAMS by N. Lawrence Mannf

A follow-up to the critically acclaimed suspense novel, FULL BREACH, N. Lawrence Mann unleashes the second installment of the Blue Warp series. Struggling with inner demons after the loss of his child, Retired Air Force Colonel Brett Stafford is in search of missing pieces in his life when he is involved in a single-car accident and slips into a coma for six months. Using his newfound—and unrefined—ability to heal, Brennen Reynolds attempts to revive the colonel on the day his life support is to be terminated. Brennen is only partially successful, as the person awoken is not Colonel Stafford. He may look the same, but this colonel is dangerous. Brutal killings occur when the new entity escapes from a New England rehabilitation center and vanishes into the waking world. Pressured by time, Brennen and his friends must try to piece together what went wrong and how to reverse the process before further tragedies occur and the colonel loses himself forever.T

N. Lawrence Mann is an American author. His works are largely described as suspenseful, but frequently incorporate components of fantasy, science fiction, and humor. 

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