Psychiatrist Joshua Zeev is a man obsessed with solving the mystery of his best friend’s murder. Harold Brown, a man who has exhibited berserker tendencies not seen since the Viking age is his best friend’s surviving son. Together, the two have become close friends as Joshua worked to help Harold through childhood and into early adulthood.Both men’s lives are thrown into chaos when Harold’s father, and Joshua’s best friend, Richard commits suicide. Although Richard leaves behind a note insinuating it was an act of sacrifice and not depression, Joshua blames himself for not seeing the signs of Richard’s distress.Journey with the two men through the shadow of death as they seek to uncover the truth about Richard’s death. Guilt, grief, obsession, greed, love, and forgiveness await these men as they attempt to find the reasons behind Richard’s suicide, and discover the path back into the light.

Gary McPhereson is a host and guest-writer on two creative writing blogs. 
He is a student of the Creative Way. 
In the first half of his life, he worked as a software developer and manager. He now embrace the world of words and infinite imagination. 
My second novel, “Harold and the Angel of Death” will be released in May of 2019.

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